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at a tournament is one of the 

most honorable things you can do 

to support DDF (besides giving us food or money)


Thank You for Judging!  Don't be intimidated, Here are links to answer any of your questions:


Before the Tournament

Check in with coaching staff for any preliminary training dates if you want instruction on event judging.

Day of the Tournament

1.  Bring your cell phone.

2.  Arrive on time.

3.  Check in with tournament staff at the main office.

4.  Pick up your judges packet and ask for any clarification needed on the event you will be judging.

5.  Head to the room where the event will take place.

6.  Check to see if you have the participants you need and a volunteer with a timer.

7.  If someone or something is missing, use your cell phone to call the main office.

8.  Once everything and everyone is ready, sit back and enjoy the performance.

9.  Take notes during the performance/debate/presentation rather than trying to remember afterwards.

10.  At the end of the round, rank the participants and write any final comments as quickly as possible.

11.  Bring your packet with the completed ballots to the office and hand it to a staff member.

12.  Check in with tournament staff to pick up the packet for the next event you are to judge.



Resource Links


DDF Manual with description and rules for each event.



Current Debate Topics



Wanna Judge?  Contact Us!



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